Services and Tools

In order to meet the SDG goals and sustain a strong, healthy future marketplace, SBI has created collaborative processes and tools to advance sustainable development in ALL types of organisations. We also guide organisations in their transformation. All the work we do whether it is alignment, guidance or training - is focused and directed towards, real action and real impact.

The Buddy Process 

The Buddy Program is an ‘open innovation’ style process that matches larger organisations, with already well developed sustainability strategies with smaller organisations who have the desire to kickstart their sustainability journey, but lack the resources or 'know how'. Small and medium companies (SMEs) represent the cradle of our communities but are mostly excluded from sustainable development. Our societies need SMEs to exist. Large companies (MNCs) need to considerably increase their efforts through learning and innovation in order to meet rapid changes in a world where sustainability is becoming the norm. The process deepens their journey and forces self-reflection and opens for new discovery and innovation. The Buddy process can be applied in all sectors and all types of organisations.

Buddy Alignment and SDG Proofing

Align the SDGs to the core of your organisation - vision, mission, values, culture - brand identity. A tailor made alignment to your organisation’s needs.
Real impact is conceived by action. The process starts with a collaboration initiation; moves into a creativity phase based on collaborative discovery; and ends in new revelations and impact. This process is a longer tailor-made transformation towards sustainability as an intricate part of an organisation’s vision, mission, values, culture and brand identity. The transformation emerges from collaborative sessions between SBI and organisation X.  

Sustainability &  Branding 

Re-branding in order to align with a sustainable future will be a necessary task for all organisation. It will secure your competitive edge in a fast changing marketplace. This work is tailor-made and conducted together with international branding experts. 

DNA Process  

Identify your Sustainable DNA – Through the Sustainable Development Goals. An SDG role play.
The DNA concept is a kickstart role-play that contributes to aligning the sustainable development goals into the core of an organisation. When sustainability is deeply connected with the individuals of an organisation, it allows for change to be possible. A beginning of a transformation of norms, values, culture and structure.

SDG - Seminar 

Agenda 2030 SDG. How does your business gain stay competitive and grow from Sustainability? Why does your organisation have to transform?

This seminar allows you to understand how Agenda 2030 and the SDGs adds value to your business and how you can position yourself in the marketplace. We will talk about value creation, risk management and brand management.

Leadership for Sustainability

Seminars - Workshop - Coaching. Leadership focused on Sustainability.
What kind of leadership do we need to take us into the future? Are we all capable taking on this leadership? How do we lead as a collective? How do we close the gap between awareness and action? These and many more questions are answered in our seminars and workshops. Together we will dive what the meaning of authentic leadership for sustainability.

Game workshop 

A game of collaboration grounded in Agenda 2030. Working with real topics and real impact.
This game delivers a fun hands on deepening into the Sustainable Development Goals. It is configured to allow the players to learn about the SDGs and at the same time solve real problems. The game is presented by SBI in collaboration with Virescent Education.

Online learning program  

Aligning Agenda 2030 and the SDGs
Our online learning platform delivers tailor-made courses for Agenda 2030 acceleration and implementation. 
The intent and goals are; creative learning, transformational aim and real world impact.

Digital Platform - Under construction

Collaboration platform for ALL organisations grounded in Agenda 2030.
The SBI digital platform handles an end-to-end process of collaborating, learning and sharing necessary to achieve the improved experience for participating partners. Digital platforms cut across traditional collaboration structures and silos to enable the new meeting model. They allow organizations to open up to different; structures, mindsets, policies and processes. We regard an “experiences” approach, focusing on the people who will use the digital platform. 

Master Suppression Techniques

Spinner – Tackling individual health and well-being in organisations - Please contact us.  

Consulting services 

Agenda 2030 Alignment, SDG acceleration, Sustainability Branding, Leadership for Sustainability etc.

Please contact us for more details and pricing regarding all services.


Executive Team  

Petra Flaum - Co-founder and CEO